Episode 11: Eleventy

Recorded on August 31, 2013.


Episode 11: Eleventy

We react to the furor of fandom’s reaction to the announcement of Ben Affleck as Batman as well as some other major comic book movie castings. And as nothing else has really happened, we talk about the end of Summer movie season and our ventures to the theater.

Music by Skrillex and A Wilhelm Scream

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Time – 1:47:21 / File Size – 52mb

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  1. Gigli is no worse than any other Jennifer Lopez movie in my opinion. It’s dumb, but it’s kind of fun.

    Sarah Connor Chronicles is probably worth watching if you think you might be interested in it. I saw a roughcut edit of Terminator: Salvation where the giant transformer scene was missing, Arnold Schwarzeneger was missing, & John Connor dies & Marcus has his face altered to take his place in the revolution; so way better than the final version of the movie to me.

    I think River Song mystically gave her regenerations over to The Doctor in the “Let’s Kill Hitler” stuff or something, so I think that got us out of the re-incarnation limit.

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