Episode 6: Carl’s Hat

Recorded on March 16, 2013.


Episode 6: Carl’s Hat

Oh, man, what don’t we talk about? In this hefty episode, we talk about the Pope, Oz: The Great and Powerful, calling little girls bad names, Veronica Mars, famous homophobes, you name it. We just can’t stop talking!

Music by Skrillex, Deep Purple and Michale Graves

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Time – 2:54:00 / File Size – 82mb

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  1. I liked Looper. But I think that it might’ve worked better without the super powers bit as well.

    I think Iron Man 2 might be my favorite of the popular Marvel movies. I just saw it recently along with a bunch of the others & I have to say I am absolutely confused by people who care about Thor because of that movie.

    Congrats on your new laxative discovery!

    My biggest problem with the GI Joe movie was the whole time I thought it was interesting they had abandoned Cobra Commander for Doctor Mindbender, but that just wasn’t the case. I re-saw the Cobra-la cartoon movie & it wasn’t as good as I remembered, mainly because of Serpentor.

    I know a lot of people got burned on Kickstarter because of the dramatic increase in international shipping. Mailing a CD in December to Europe was $3.70, now it’s $9.20. But, to me, unless you had a project that ended in December or January, you can’t complain about it. I had to raise all my international prices significantly & have had significant sales hits because of that, but that’s life.

    1. I do not remember talking about laxatives.

      Having watched all of the GI Joe cartoon last year, yeah Serpentor is just a disappointment.

      1. Book stores make you poop!

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